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Cosco Green Soap Tincture


Why is Cosco green soap beneficial?
An excellent way to disinfect skin is with green soap. Usually, tattoo and piercing artists are the only ones who utilize it for medical purposes. When performing a medical operation, healthcare personnel may wash their hands with green soap before donning gloves.Tattoo artists generally use Cosco Green Soap all over the world to sterilize tattoo equipment and other tools as well as the area that will be inked. The soap is regarded as the best since it removes blood, filth, and tattoo ink efficiently without dry

Diluting COSCO green soap with water is a great way to prepare your skin for applying stencils. Having been in business since 1966, COSCO is the brand that tattoo artists utilize the most. This is a pure green soap tincture infused with lavender oil.


Can I use green soap and ordinary water?
It is crucial to ensure that you use only sterile water when diluting your green soap. Use of bottled, tap, or any other non-sterilized water is not advised. Furthermore, the sterile water can be used to clean the ink in between colors.

Tattoo shops all over the world carry Cosco Tincture of Green Soap, which is the original and most well-known brand of Green Soap available. This all-natural soap, which is used in every step of the tattoo and piercing procedures, is created from pure vegetable oils and glycerine. Produced in the United States of America since 1966.Our Green Soap stands apart from imitations and rivals due to its dependability, excellence, and moral character!


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