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Supporting tattoo artists and their art is a top priority for Eternal Ink. Eternal  givs artists the resources they need to realize their creative visions by producing the finest, brightest, and longest-lasting tattoo ink pigments on the market. Working with artists and drawing on decades of pigment expertise, they are able to consistently provide premium pigments that enhance their work and encourage them to push the limits of their medium.

Eternal  acknowledges that tattoo culture is a dynamic force that unites people in different groups, and  are dedicated to upholding tattooing’s rich history and customs while also appreciating its modern manifestations and evolution. Eternal’s goal is to uphold the rich history of tattoo culture by providing assistance to tattoo artists, guaranteeing the safety of their products, and preserving the diverse array of tattoo customs.

Eternal is a tattoo ink used my more and more artists world wide, Eternal is a brand that delivers bright colors .
Currently we are in the process of stocking this online store, so many products are not yet listed. To see if we have a product, call us at (253) 732-7680 or visit our brick and mortar store.

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