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What are AIDS and HIV?

Human immunodeficiency virus is referred to as HIV. If the virus is not appropriately treated, it might result in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

HIV targets the immune system of the body, specifically the T cells, or CD4 cells, which aid in the immune system’s defense against the infection.

Note that HIV cannot be fully eradicated by the human body, not even with treatment, unlike other infections. Once acquired, it is yours forever.

HIV lowers T cell counts in the body if left untreated, increasing the risk of infection-related malignancies and other diseases in the affected individual. HIV can eventually cause the body to lose so many cells that it is unable to fend off infections and illnesses in the future.

Opportunistic infections or cancers then take advantage of a very weakened immune system and signal that the person has AIDS – the last and most advanced stage of HIV infection. It can take from two to 15 years to develop depending on the individual.

AIDS is actually defined by the development of certain cancers or infections or other severe clinical manifestations.

.Opportunistic infections or tumors can take advantage of a severely compromised immune system to indicate that an individual has advanced HIV infection, or AIDS. Depending on the person, it may take anywhere between two and fifteen years to develop.

In actuality, the emergence of certain malignancies, infections, or other serious clinical symptoms characterizes AIDS.
Who Is Most Likely to Get HIV or AIDS?

An individual is more likely to get HIV if they engage in a number of behaviors and situations, such as:

1)unprotected vaginal and anal intercourse
2)possessing an additional STD, such as bacterial vaginosis, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, or syphilis
3)When injecting drugs, sharing tainted syringes, needles, and other injecting supplies and drug solutions
4)getting dangerous blood transfusions, tissue transplants, injections, and surgical operations involving piercing or cutting without sterility







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