BBP Certification training courses

BBP Certification 

The Bloodborne Pathogens Training program is required by OSHA for individuals who may reasonably be expected to come into contact with blood and other potentially infectious materials while carrying out their job responsibilities. Bloodborne pathogens training tailored specifically for body art professionals such as, but not limited to tattoo artists and piercers. can be found in this ProBloodborne for Body Art Professionals course. Many states, including Washington, require BBP certification.  These courses are free and brought to you by our affiliate partners at

The course is free, and if you want the OSHA and State compliant certification, the price is $24.95, which you can purchase and download after the training/testing.


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With these free BBP Certification and training courses  you learn about the issue, the prevention and the OSHA requirements regarding the following :

HIV and AIDS (03:02)
HIV Details (07:15)
HIV and AIDS Stages (04:41)
HIV Prevention and Treatment (06:35)
What is Hepatitis (01:07)
What is Hepatitis A (04:48)
Hepatitis B Virus (04:54)
Hepatitis B Details (11:06)
Hepatitis C Virus (03:20)
Skin Diseases and Disorders (03:53)
What is Herpes (09:58)
Molluscum Contagiosum (06:31)
Scabies (06:00)
Tuberculosis (08:16)
Ringworm (06:55)
Impetigo (04:44)
Possible Medical Issues with Body Art (02:27)
Engineering and Work Practice Controls
How to Reduce Your Risk with Standard Precautions (02:56)
Work Practice, Administrative and Engineering Controls (03:30)
Body Art Storage, Chemicals, and Labels (03:07)
Regulated Waste (01:38)
Body Fluid Cleanup (07:40)
Glove Removal (03:50)
Handwashing for Body Artists (01:20)
Equipment Sterilization Procedures for Body Art Professionals (04:17)
Exposure Incident and Reporting (02:12)

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