Box of 50 Standard tattoo needles


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Unlike the many other suppliers of standard style tattoo needles that might sell you a damaged needle,, or even worse , a barbed needle , our staff makes sure that needles are all 100% guaranteed to be un-damaged, and sterile.  All needles in each separate unit  are inspected for damage before we sell them. These sturdy and high quality stainless steel needles are pre-sterilized and come in boxes of fifty. (50) Individual tubes and needles can be purchased at our walk in store. These needles come in 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 and 18  Round liners or round shaders. Mix em up the way you like em.

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Needle groupings

1 Liner, 3 Liner, 3 Shader, 5 Liner, 5 Shader, 7 Liner, 7 Shader, 9 Liner, 9 Shader, 11 Liner, 11 Shader, 13 Liner, 13 Shader, 15 Liner, 15 Shader, 18 Liner, 18 Shader, 5 Mag Flat, 5 Mag Curved, 7 Mag Flat, 7 Mag Curved, 9 Mag Flat, 9 Mag Curved, 11 Mag Flat, 11 Mag Curved, 13 Mag Flat, 13 Mag Curved, 15 mag Flat, 15 Mag Curved


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