Mom’s Millennium Ink Shots by the Box.


Mom’s Ink Shots


Highest Pigment Load Possible

Goes In Like No Other Tattoo Ink
Does Not Dry Out
Mom’s Millennium Ink Shots…The Original Ink Shots :: The wave of the future!
Great single serve tubes hold approximately 2ml of ink which is enough to fill two large ink caps. 30 tubes of one color per box.
Mom’s colors are made with pure, uncut, homogenized pigment dispersion. They consist of the highest possible pigment content giving you brighter colors that fly right in with an amazing flow rate. Mom’s ink is Vegan friendly & made in the USA!

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Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 6 in

14kt Gold, 57 Chevy, 9 Millimeter, Agent Orange, Alligator Green, Ana Banana, Black, Black Cherry, Black Onyx, Blu Job, Blue Balls, Brown Sugar, Burnt Out Orange, Cadillac Turquoise, Cappuccino, Caribbean Blue, Coney Island Blue, Cool Green, Cotton Candy, Creamsicle, Danger Zone Orange,Agent orange, Dangerzone Orange, Doo Doo Brown, Ectoplasmic Green, Flesh, Fleshy Flesh, Forest Gump Green, Golden Sun, Green Gob, Green Hornet, Gumby Green, Hello Yellow, Ice Blue, Indian Orange, Kentucky Blue Grass, Luscious Lavender, Mad Magenta, Magic Magenta, Mama Rosie, Marine Green, Marvelous Magenta, Mean Green, Mo' Money Green, Monthly Red, Mustard Seed, Napoleon Red, Old School Blue, Old School Red, Ole Blue Eyes, OMG Lavender, Passion Purple, Passionate Purple, Peach Fuzz, Peachy Keen, Pink Blush, Pink Pussy Cat, Piss Yellow, Power White, Pretty Boy Blue, Purple Nurple, Rainbow Pink, Red light, Red Rum, Sandy Beach, Snot Green, Suede, Sundown, Tropical Teal, Violent Violet, Viper Red, Zombie Purple


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